30 Examples Of Similes Using As

There are many examples of similes we use in everyday speech and writing. Similes make comparisons using the words “like” or “as”. For example, the popular simile “as busy as a bee” compares a person who is actively working to the furious activity of bees collecting nectar and pollen. Another common simile is “as slow as a snail”, comparing very slow movement to the crawling speed of a slimy snail.

Other similes in English include “as strong as an ox”, “as hungry as a wolf”, “as quiet as a mouse”, “as free as a bird”, and “as fun as a barrel of monkeys”. These examples of similes use comparisons to animals and objects to creatively describe human traits and behaviors. Similes help writing come to life by using vivid imagery readers easily understand. What examples of similes have you heard people say recently?

Examples Of Similes Using As

Here are a few Examples Of Similes Using As:

1. As slow as a snail

  • The old man walked as slow as a snail down the street.
  • The traffic was moving as slow as a snail, so I was late for my meeting.
  • I felt as slow as a snail as I finished the marathon.
  • The internet connection was running as slow as a snail that day.
  • Molasses pours almost as slow as a snail crawls.
As slow as a snail as one of the Examples Of Similes

2. As busy as a bee

  • The receptionist was as busy as a bee answering all the phone calls.
  • The shopkeeper was as busy as a bee helping customers.
  • The children were as busy as bees playing and running around.
  • On weekends, the mall is always as busy as a bee.
  • Bees are known to be very busy pollinating flowers and making honey.

3. As white as snow

  • The mountaintops were as white as snow year-round.
  • When she got scared, her face turned as white as snow.
  • The blanket looked as white as snow after we washed it.
  • Fresh fallen snow is as white as snow can be.
  • Not many things in nature are as white as snow.
As white as snow as an Example Of simile

4. As light as a feather

  • The scarf felt as light as a feather around her neck.
  • He was as light as a feather as he danced across the stage.
  • The packaging was as light as a feather but protected the contents inside.
  • Holding the balloons, I felt them floating as light as a feather.
  • Feathers are very lightweight compared to most materials.

5. As cold as ice

  • The water was as cold as ice, I could barely stand it.
  • Her glare made me feel as cold as ice.
  • The temperatures will drop as cold as ice tonight.
  • Many foods need to be stored as cold as ice to keep fresh.
  • Ice is frozen solid and therefore extremely cold.
As cold as ice as an Example Of simile

6. As strong as an ox

  • The weightlifter was as strong as an ox.
  • Their love had grown as strong as an ox over many years.
  • She gripped my hand as strong as an ox as I helped her up.
  • Oxen are extremely strong animals used for physical labor.
  • With his muscular build, he appeared almost as strong as an ox.

7. As hungry as a wolf

  • Skipping lunch made me as hungry as a wolf.
  • The baby cries when she gets as hungry as a wolf for her feeding.
  • Wolves have fierce appetites, especially in cold winter months.
  • Lost in the woods overnight, he felt as hungry as a wolf by morning.
  • Not eating all day left the children as hungry as wolves.
As hungry as a wolf as an Example Of simile

8. As quiet as a mouse

  • The librarian asked us to be as quiet as a mouse in the reading rooms.
  • When sneaking back inside, she tried to be as quiet as a mouse.
  • We held our breath and stayed as quiet as a mouse waiting for the signal.
  • The dorm was as quiet as a mouse during winter break.
  • Mice sneak very quietly to remain undetected.

9. As free as a bird

  • Retiring early made her feel as free as a bird.
  • As he played outside without worry, he felt as free as a bird.
  • She wandered the hills and beaches, as free as a bird on her trip.
  • Birds appear to roam wherever they please.
  • His heart felt as free as a bird as he followed his dreams.
As free as a bird as an Example Of simile

10. As blind as a bat

  • Without my glasses, I’m as blind as a bat trying to read signs.
  • Bats use echolocation rather than vision to navigate their environment.
  • He was as blind as a bat refereeing the game without his necessary eyewear.
  • They were arguing in circles, both sides as blind as bats.
  • I was as blind as a bat walking in the dark basement without lights.

11. As bald as an eagle

  • Years of hair loss left the old man almost as bald as an eagle.
  • Some eagle species have featherless heads for streamlined flight.
  • After months of chemo, her head was nearly as bald as an eagle’s.
  • Because it keeps their heads aerodynamic, eagles are as bald as can be.
  • He felt self-conscious being as bald as an eagle so young.
As bald as an eagle as an Example Of simile

12. As graceful as a swan

  • The ballerina danced across the stage as graceful as a swan.
  • The figure skater glided as graceful as a swan after years of lessons.
  • Seeing her friend be so charming and elegant made her jealous.
  • Swans appear elegant while swimming smoothly across lakes.
  • She strived to carry herself through life as graceful as a swan.

13. As innocent as a lamb

  • With sweet little bows in her hair, the baby girl seemed as innocent as a lamb.
  • Lambs represent purity and innocence in many cultures.
  • Looking into his gentle eyes, he seemed as innocent as a lamb.
  • She retained an as innocent as a lamb wonder of the world her whole life.
  • Despite accusations, he maintained an as innocent as a lamb demeanor.
As innocent as a lamb as an Example Of simile

14. As nutty as a fruitcake

  • Her eccentric fashions seem almost as nutty as a fruitcake.
  • He comes up with wild business ideas almost as nutty as a fruitcake.
  • Aunt Betty’s conversations jump around like they’re as nutty as a fruitcake.
  • Fruitcakes are known for being strange combinations of odd ingredients.
  • The comedy show hilarious and almost as nutty as a fruitcake.

15. As red as a cherry

  • Emabarrased, she blushed a red almost as red as a cherry.
  • We used dye as colorful and as red as a cherry for the fabric.
  • Seeing her sunburn, he joked that she was nearly as red as a cherry!
  • When ripe, cherries obtain a very bright, enriched red color.
  • His shiny new sports car was painted that dazzling shade of red.
As red as a cherry as an Example Of simile

16. As golden as sunshine

  • Her luxurious strands of blonde hair glowed as golden as sunshine.
  • Buttery yellow wildflowers covered the hills in a hue as golden as sunshine after spring rain.
  • My teacher had a heart as golden as sunshine, always helping out.
  • Sunshine on a beautiful day beams a vivid golden yellow.
  • The crisp french fries seemed to pour from the bag as golden as sunshine.

17. As clear as crystal

  • After cleaning, the windows were as clear crystal, almost invisible.
  • High quality crystals are prized for complete optical transparency and clarity.
  • The water from the stream flowed as clear as crystal over the smooth stones.
  • Now that things were talked out, their communication became as clear as crystal.
  • Her big eyes seemed to shine almost as clear as crystal.
As clear as crystal as an Example Of simile

18. As hard as a rock

  • After years of construction work, his hands felt almost as hard as rocks.
  • Diamond is one of the hardest rock substances we know.
  • He seemed determined and as hard as a rock to change his ways.
  • Her stern teacher’s rules felt set in stone, as hard as a rock.
  • The soldiers appeared disciplined and as hard as rocks during training.

19. As sticky as glue

  • The gum stuck to my shoe felt impossibly sticky, as sticky as glue.
  • Glue designed for adhesion is extremely hard to separate once bonded.
  • Sap dripping from the tree was annoyingly sticky, as sticky as glue.
  • The kids’ candy coated fingers were soon almost as sticky as glue.
  • Without oil, the gear shafts bonded together, seemingly as sticky as glue.
As sticky as glue as an Example Of simile

20. As brown as chocolate

  • The brownies came from oven looking as brown as chocolate and absolutely delicious.
  • Different varieties of chocolate exhibit signature rich, brown colors.
  • My puppy has sweet round eyes almost as brown as chocolate.
  • The smooth trail mix contained clusters as brown as chocolate and other goodies throughout.
  • The welcoming cabin rooms featured log walls as brown as chocolate.

21. As slender as a reed

  • The ballerinas had arms and legs as slender as reeds.
  • Reeds have very long thin stalks and leaves.
  • Aspiring models strive for figures as slender as reeds.
  • She hoped dieting would help her become as slender as a reed.
  • The young tree trunks in springtime tend to start as slender as reeds.
As slender as a reed as an Example Of simile

22. As flat as pancake

  • The apartment prairie stretched out surrounding us as flat as a pancake.
  • Pancakes cook on griddles into short, flatten cakes.
  • After dropping it, I’m afraid my phone is now about as flat as a pancake.
  • Roads here feel as straight and flat as pancakes for miles.
  • Deflated basketballs become sadly as flat as pancakes.

23. As sharp as a tack

  • The teacher still had a mind as sharp as a tack in her advanced years.
  • Tacks are small nails with pointy ends designed to pin down things.
  • Tailors require needles as sharp as tacks to puncture fabric with ease.
  • Shards of glass on the beach can often be painfully sharp as tacks.
  • As precise as a clock, her reasoning skills stayed as sharp as a tack.
As sharp as a tack as an Example Of simile

24. As slow as a turtle

  • Learning new dances moved me ahead at pace as slow as a turtle.
  • Turtles creep very slowly with their small legs and heavy shells.
  • Stuck in traffic, our ride progressed ahead as slow as a turtlr.
  • Paint dried almost as slow as a turtle crawls in the cold room.
  • Internet videos buffering as slow as turtles are the worst.

25. As thin as paper

  • The models walking down runway seemed as thin paper.
  • Paper is manufactured flat with very little thickness or density.
  • His excuses for missing work sounded weak and as thin as paper.
  • Spinning hot sugar into candy floss makes it airy light as paper.
  • Origami creative by folding flexible paper sheets as thin as paper.
As thin as paper as an Example Of simile

26. As plump as partridge

  • After the holidays, the turkey and ham made our dog look as plump as a partridge!
  • Partridges are pleasantly plump, chubby game birds.
  • Fresh peaches can appear desirably as plump as partridges.
  • Seeing babies with full bellies and rosy cheeks as plump as partridges brings joy.
  • She tried to avoid gaining the freshman fifteen and becoming as plump as a partridge.

27. As clear as mud

  • His confusing explanation was unfortunately about as clear as mud.
  • Far from transparent, mud is an opaque brown sludge.
  • The fog settling on the lake made visibility as clear as mud out there.
  • After the dust storm, the skies were about as clear as mud for flying.
  • Her mumbled speech came across about as clear as mud to the listeners.
As clear as mud as an Example Of simile

28. As solid as a rock

  • My trusty hiking boots felt as solid as rocks trampling up the mountain path.
  • Granite and bedrock comprise extremely solid geology.
  • His stance on corruption seemed as solid as a rock throughout the campaign.
  • Reinforced steel provides structural integrity as solid as rocks.
  • Her friendship has always felt as solid as a rock even when distant.

29. As hot as fire

  • Mom warned the boiling pot would be as hot as fire.
  • Flames burn objects with extreme, blistering heat.
  • Beneath the scorching summer sun, the blacktop felt as hot as fire.
  • Molten lava flows from volcanoes at temperatures as hot as fire.
  • We toasted marshmallows over campfire coals as hot as fire.
As hot as fire as an Example Of simile

30. As straight as an arrow

  • The roads stretching across the plains ran for miles as straight as arrows.
  • Arrows shoot swift and direct once you straighten their shafts.
  • Please cut the fabric as straight an arrow so we waste less.
  • Marching in tight formation, the soldiers kept their lines as straight as arrows.
  • His uncompromising principles guided his actions as straight as arrows.

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