10 Examples of Mechanical Energy

Mechanical energy is exemplified by the stretched elastic band’s recoil, the compressed spring’s expansion, the pendulum’s swing, the bicycle wheel’s rotation, the falling book’s acceleration, the arrow’s propulsion, the gear train’s motion, the turbine’s spin, the windmill’s rotation, and the bouncing ball’s repetitive energy conversions.

Examples of Mechanical Energy

Here are 10 examples of mechanical energy with experiments:

1. Stretched Elastic Band

An elastic band stretched to expand its length stores mechanical energy in the form of elastic potential energy. As polymer chains in the band are extended, they exert restoring forces proportional to the deformation, which can do work.

image showing Stretched Elastic Band  as an examples of mechanical energy

2. Compressed Spring

A spring compressed from its equilibrium length contains temporarily stored mechanical energy in elastic potential form. Compression produces opposing restore forces proportional to the displacement.

image showing Compressed Spring  as an examples of mechanical energy

3. Pendulum

A pendulum consists of a weight suspended from a pivot so it can swing freely back and forth. At the maximum heights of its swing, it momentarily stops as all energy becomes gravitational potential energy stored due to the elevation. At the lowest point, its kinetic energy is highest.

image showing Pendulum as an examples of mechanical energy

4. Bicycle Wheel

As a bicycle wheel turns, rotational kinetic energy builds up associated with spinning motion. The faster the wheel spins, the greater its stored circular kinetic energy. This energy drives continual wheel rotation once established by pedal input force.

image showing Bicycle Wheel as an examples of mechanical energy

5. Book on Table

A book at rest on a tabletop has gravitational potential energy relative to the floor due to its elevated position. If pushed off the edge, the book’s potential energy converts into kinetic energy as it accelerates downward to the floor.

image showing nBook on Table as an examples of mechanical energy

6. Arrow Shot From Bow

An arrow gets potential energy as the bowstring becomes drawn back. Once released, the string’s contraction imparts kinetic energy into the arrow sending it flying at rapid velocity. Aerodynamic drag then gradually depletes this directed kinetic energy.

image showing Arrow Shot From Bow  as an example of mechanical energy

7. Falling Weight and Gear Train

A free weight falling from height has gravitational potential energy that can transfer into horizontal motion through a pulley driving a gear train. This achieves useful directional power transmission.

image showing Falling Weight and Gear Train  as an examples of mechanical energy

8. Hydropower Turbine

Flowing water carries kinetic energy that spins hydroturbine blades oriented perpendicular to the flow direction. The water kinetic energy gets converted into rotational energy of the turbine shaft used to generate electricity.

image showing Hydropower Turbine as an examples of mechanical energy

9. Windmill Rotors

Wind pushing against the angled sails of a windmill contains measurable kinetic energy that gets transferred into spinning rotor motion, creating electricity through generators and dynamos.

image showing Windmill Rotors as an example of mechanical energy

10. Bouncing Ball

A bouncing ball has gravitational potential energy proportional to how high it gets elevated after each bounce. At peak height, this potential energy momentarily transforms back into temporary kinetic energy driving it downward again.

image showing Bouncing Ball as an example of mechanical energy

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