15 Examples of Vertebrates-Scientific Name, and Pictures

Vertebrates are a group of animals characterized by their vertebral column and internal skeletal system. There are nearly 70,000 species of vertebrates, ranging from marine fish and mammals to terrestrial reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

Some well-known examples of vertebrates include mammals like dogs, cats, whales, bats, and humans. There are also vertebrate birds like eagles, chickens, penguins and ostriches. Reptiles such as snakes, turtles and crocodilians have backbone structures. And amphibians including frogs, salamanders and newts are vertebrates as well.

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Examples of Vertebrates

Here are some most common examples of vertebrates, along with their scientific name, characteristics, and pictures:

1. Human

Humans have a spinal column with 33 vertebrae that houses and protects the spinal cord, supporting head and torso movement via attached rib muscles and ligaments.

image showing  Human as one of the examples of Vertebrates

2. Cat

Cats of all breeds have a flexible spinal column and skeleton allowing agility and hunting reflexes to catch nimble prey like mice or birds in midair leaps.

image showing cat as an example of Vertebrates

3. Chicken

The chicken has a lightweight vertebral skeleton and fused collarbone adapted for flight with wings attached to breastbone and shoulder blades.

image showing chicken as an example of Vertebrates

4. Cow

Cows as mammals have vertebral backbones allowing them to support huge 1,000-1500 pound bodies while standing for long periods chewing cud to digest tough grasses.

image showing Cow as an example of Vertebrates

5. Dog

Dogs have an anatomical skeletal structure including vertebral discs cushioning spinal movement that provide agile stability for running, jumping, hunting, or herding sheep.

image showing Dog as an example of Vertebrates

6. Zebra

Zebras have sturdy equine vertebral skeletons that support running long distances over open grasslands to escape lion predators chasing them.

image showing Zebra as an example of Vertebrates

7. Salmon

Salmon have bony vertebrae and rib bones that allow them to swim upstream against river currents to reach spawning grounds after hatching in offshore waters years prior.

image showing Salmon as an example of Vertebrates

8. Frog

Frogs as amphibians have backbones allowing them to live both on land and in water thanks to muscular hind legs adapted for jumping and swimming along muddy pond bottoms.

image showing Frog as an example of Vertebrates

9. Sparrow

Sparrows have lightweight vertebrate skeletons with strong pectoral muscles for flapping wings attached to breastbone keels catalyzing flight and steering

image showing Sparrow as an example of Vertebrates

10. Shark

As ocean predators, sharks have cartilage spinal columns with attached fins and mighty jaw structures giving speed and biting力 for attacks

image showing shark as an example of Vertebrates

11. Turtle

Turtles, having backbones inside protective ventral shells, can retract heads and limbs entirely inside to shield from predators when afraid or sleeping.

image showing Turtle as an example of Vertebrates

12. Eagle

Eagles have vertebral skeletons adapted for flight including broad wings attached to deep breastbone keels providing lift powerful enough to capture swift prey while diving at speeds exceeding 150 mph.

image showing image showing Eagle as an example of Vertebrates

13. Chameleon

Chameleons have specialized vertebrae allowing independent rotation of eye turrets for wide optic ranges to spot prey and unique tongue-bone extension reaching twice their body length to grasp insects.

image showing Chameleon  as an example of Vertebrates

14. Squirrel

Squirrels have flexible spines to quickly twist searchingly allowing climbing mobility between branches and telephone wires while constantly foraging.

image showing Squirrel as an example of vertebrates

15. Goldfish

Goldfish skeletal structures include fins, gills, and caudal peduncles propelling maximum maneuverability and speed for life in home aquariums or ponds after domestication from wild carp breedancestors.

image showing Goldfish as an example of Vertebrates

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