Common Examples of Metaphor

Metaphors are used often in everyday language to make comparisons between two things that are not literally alike but have some common characteristic. Some metaphor examples include calling a timid person a “scared cat,” saying “love is a battlefield,” describing a stubborn person as being “mule-headed,” calling a commanding woman at the office “the queen bee,” and referring to a rough, aggressive man as “a bear.”

Other metaphors examples are saying “the skies wept” instead of it rained, calling someone’s angry reaction “a storm,” saying “time is money” to refer to valuing your time, and describing reassuring or inspiring words as “a light in the darkness.

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Examples of Metaphor

Here are a few examples of Examples of Metaphor:

1. Metaphor for Love

  1. Love is a flower: It blooms and grows with care and attention.
  2. Love is a cozy blanket: It wraps you up in warmth and comfort.
  3. Love is a bright star: It guides you through dark times with its light.

2. Metaphor for Life

  1. Life is a journey: It’s an adventure with twists and turns.
  2. Life is a book: Each day is a new page waiting to be written.
  3. Life is a puzzle: Every experience is a piece that fits into the bigger picture.

3. Forbidden Fruit Metaphor

  1. Forbidden fruit is a secret temptation: It’s something you’re curious about but shouldn’t explore.
  2. Forbidden fruit is a locked treasure: It’s enticing but comes with consequences if opened.
  3. Forbidden fruit is a warning sign: It’s a temptation that may lead to trouble.

4. Metaphor for Good

  1. Good is a shining light: It brightens the darkness with positivity.
  2. Good is a helping hand: It reaches out to support and assist others.
  3. Good is a kind heart: It spreads warmth and compassion to those around.

5. Metaphor for Kids

  1. Kids are curious explorers: They discover the world with wide-eyed wonder.
  2. Kids are playful dolphins: They splash and leap into life’s adventures.
  3. Kids are tiny seeds: With care and nurturing, they grow into amazing individuals.

6. Personal Perspective Metaphor

  1. Personal perspective is a unique lens: It shapes how you see and understand the world.
  2. Personal perspective is a colorful paint palette: It creates the picture of your experiences.
  3. Personal perspective is a special recipe: It adds flavor to your understanding of things.

7. Metaphor for Death

  1. Death is a sunset: It marks the end of a day, but there’s beauty in its peacefulness.
  2. Death is a closed book: The story has finished, and the cover is gently closed.
  3. Death is a journey’s end: It’s the final destination after life’s travels.

8. Biblical Metaphor for Jerusalem Crossword

  1. Jerusalem is a sacred fortress: It holds spiritual significance and strength.
  2. Jerusalem is a guiding star: A beacon of faith and direction.
  3. Jerusalem is a well-tended garden: It flourishes with stories and lessons.

9. Metaphor for Sadness

  1. Sadness is a heavy raincloud: It lingers, but eventually, the sun will break through.
  2. Sadness is a wilting flower: It needs care and time to bloom again.
  3. Sadness is a stormy sea: Emotions may toss like waves, but calm will return.

10. Binding Memories Metaphor

  1. Memories are a treasure chest: Each one holds precious moments and experiences.
  2. Memories are a photo album: Flipping through pages, recalling times gone by.
  3. Memories are a woven tapestry: They create the fabric of your unique story.

11. Metaphor for Happy

  1. Happy is a sunshine day: It radiates warmth and joy to everyone around.
  2. Happy is a dancing butterfly: It flits and floats, bringing smiles wherever it goes.
  3. Happy is a melody: It plays in your heart, creating a harmonious feeling.

12. Metaphor for Water

  1. Water is a life-giving river: It nourishes and sustains all living things.
  2. Water is a flexible friend: It adapts to its container, taking different shapes.
  3. Water is a mirror: It reflects the world around, showing beauty and clarity.

13. Metaphor for Happiness

  1. Happiness is a sparkly bubble: It pops up unexpectedly, bringing joy.
  2. Happiness is a cozy hug: It envelops you in warmth and contentment.
  3. Happiness is a friendly sunflower: It brightens your day with its cheerful presence.

14. Metaphor for Anxiety

  1. Anxiety is a dark cloud: It looms overhead, casting shadows on thoughts.
  2. Anxiety is a tangled knot: It weaves worries together, creating a sense of unease.
  3. Anxiety is a racing heartbeat: It quickens, signaling stress and nervousness.

15: Metaphor for Friendship

  1. Friendship is a sturdy bridge: It connects hearts and supports each other.
  2. Friendship is a blooming garden: It grows with care, nurturing beautiful bonds.
  3. Friendship is a shared adventure: Together, facing challenges becomes an exciting journey.

16: Total Control Crossword Metaphor

  1. Total control is a powerful captain: Steering the ship with authority and direction.
  2. Total control is a master puppeteer: Skillfully orchestrating the elements in the show.
  3. Total control is a secure fortress: Holding influence and command over every aspect.

17: Metaphor for Anger

  1. Anger is a fiery volcano: It erupts with intensity but can eventually cool.
  2. Anger is a stormy ocean: Waves of emotion crashing and subsiding.
  3. Anger is a thunderstorm: Loud and powerful, yet passing with time.

18: Metaphor for Family

  1. Family is a strong tree: Rooted in love, with branches of support and care.
  2. Family is a cozy home: Providing warmth, safety, and a sense of belonging.
  3. Family is a colorful quilt: Each member contributes to a beautiful and unique pattern.

19: Metaphor for Depression

  1. Depression is a heavy fog: It obscures clear thoughts and emotions.
  2. Depression is a deep well: Difficult to climb out of, but with help, it’s possible.
  3. Depression is a long tunnel: Light may seem distant, but there’s a way out.

20: Metaphor for Change

  1. Change is a butterfly’s transformation: From caterpillar to beautiful wings of growth.
  2. Change is a new chapter: Turning the page to discover unknown adventures.
  3. Change is a shifting sand: It moves, revealing new landscapes over time.

21: Metaphor for Rain

  1. Rain is a tap dance on rooftops: An enchanting rhythm that brings life.
  2. Rain is a cozy blanket for the earth: Nourishing and refreshing the world.
  3. Rain is a gentle symphony: Nature’s way of singing a lullaby to the world.

22: Metaphor for Flowers

  1. Flowers are nature’s smile: Each petal represents a moment of joy.
  2. Flowers are a colorful orchestra: Blooming together in harmony.
  3. Flowers are hugs from the earth: They express love in a silent, fragrant language.

23: Metaphor for Dogs

  1. Dogs are loyal shadows: Always by your side, faithful and true.
  2. Dogs are sunshine in fur: Their presence brings warmth and happiness.
  3. Dogs are a wagging tail of joy: Spreading cheer with every sway.

24: Metaphor for Tree

  1. A tree is a silent storyteller: Rings of growth holding tales of years past.
  2. A tree is a leafy umbrella: Providing shade and shelter from life’s elements.
  3. A tree is a gentle giant: Standing tall with a quiet strength.

25: Metaphor for Fear

  1. Fear is a shadow in the dark: It grows smaller when exposed to light.
  2. Fear is a heavy anchor: Holding you back from exploring new waters.
  3. Fear is a thundercloud: Intense, but it eventually passes.

26: Metaphor for Eyes

  1. Eyes are windows to the soul: They reveal emotions and inner thoughts.
  2. Eyes are like cameras: Capturing moments and memories.
  3. Eyes are storytellers: Conveying feelings without uttering a word.

27: Metaphor for Growth

  1. Growth is a caterpillar’s journey: Transforming into a butterfly of potential.
  2. Growth is a rising sun: Illuminating new possibilities each day.
  3. Growth is a garden of possibilities: Cultivating strengths and abilities.

28: Metaphor for Time

  1. Time is a flowing river: It moves steadily, shaping the landscapes of our lives.
  2. Time is a ticking clock: Reminding us of the moments passing by.
  3. Time is a canvas: Each day is a stroke, creating the masterpiece of our journey.

29: Metaphor for Thinking

  1. Thinking is a puzzle: Piecing together thoughts to form a clear picture.
  2. Thinking is a brainstorm: Ideas rain down, sparking creativity.
  3. Thinking is a garden: Cultivating thoughts and allowing them to bloom.

30: Metaphor for Hope

  1. Hope is a tiny seed: Planted in adversity, growing into resilience.
  2. Hope is a guiding star: Lighting the way in the darkest of nights.
  3. Hope is a sunrise: Promising a new beginning after the darkest hours.

31: Metaphor for Snow

  1. Snow is a soft blanket: Covering the world in a quiet hush of white.
  2. Snow is a delicate dance: Each flake pirouetting from the sky.
  3. Snow is a painter’s touch: Turning landscapes into a serene masterpiece.

32: Metaphor for Beautiful

  1. Beautiful is a blooming rose: Unfolding in layers of grace and elegance.
  2. Beautiful is a rainbow: A spectrum of colors that captivates the eyes.
  3. Beautiful is a melody: Resonating with harmonious perfection.

33: Metaphor for Learning

  1. Learning is a journey of footsteps: Each step brings you closer to understanding.
  2. Learning is a puzzle: Fitting knowledge pieces together for a complete picture.
  3. Learning is a book: Each chapter unveils new wisdom and insights.

34: Metaphor for Sleep

  1. Sleep is a gentle lullaby: Rocking the world into peaceful rest.
  2. Sleep is a cozy cocoon: Wrapping you in comfort until the morning light.
  3. Sleep is a restful journey: Navigating dreams and rejuvenation.

35: Metaphor for Summer

  1. Summer is a sizzling sun: Warming the earth with its golden touch.
  2. Summer is a playful breeze: Tickling the skin and bringing joy.
  3. Summer is a popsicle: Sweet, refreshing, and filled with vibrant flavors.

36: Metaphor for Scared

  1. Scared is a dark tunnel: Filled with uncertainty and shadows.
  2. Scared is a shaky leaf: Quivering in the wind of anxiety.
  3. Scared is a thunderstorm: Intense, but passing with time.

37: Metaphor for Music

  1. Music is a magic potion: Stirring emotions and casting spells of joy.
  2. Music is a language of the heart: Speaking volumes without saying a word.
  3. Music is a colorful palette: Painting emotions with notes and rhythms.

38: Metaphor for Life in a Poem

  1. Life in a poem is a melody: Each line a note, creating a harmonious composition.
  2. Life in a poem is a journey: Words weaving the tapestry of experiences.
  3. Life in a poem is a mirror: Reflecting the emotions and thoughts of the poet.

39: Metaphor for Freedom

  1. Freedom is a soaring eagle: Soaring high in the limitless sky.
  2. Freedom is an open road: Inviting exploration and boundless possibilities.
  3. Freedom is a weightless balloon: Rising above constraints and limitations.

40: Metaphor for War

  1. War is a storm of destruction: Sweeping through, leaving turmoil in its wake.
  2. War is a shadow of fear: Casting darkness over the hopes of peace.
  3. War is a raging fire: Consuming everything in its path.

41: Metaphor for a Difficult Ordeal Crossword

  1. A difficult ordeal is a steep mountain: Challenging to climb, but the view is worth the struggle.
  2. A difficult ordeal is a turbulent river: Testing your strength as you navigate the rapids.
  3. A difficult ordeal is a stormy sea: Waves of challenges, but calm waters await on the other side.

42: Metaphor for Cloud

  1. A cloud is a fluffy pillow in the sky: Drifting lazily, bringing shade and coolness.
  2. A cloud is a mysterious wanderer: Changing shapes as it moves across the blue canvas.
  3. A cloud is a storyteller: Unveiling tales in its shifting formations.

43: Metaphor for One’s Personal Perspective NYT

  1. Personal perspective is a unique fingerprint: No two are the same, creating individuality.
  2. Personal perspective is a personal compass: Guiding your understanding and choices.
  3. Personal perspective is a sculptor’s tool: Shaping how you see the world.

44: Metaphor for Funny

  1. Funny is a ticklish feather: Light and unexpected, provoking laughter.
  2. Funny is a surprise party: Bringing joy and amusement in unexpected moments.
  3. Funny is a clown’s nose: A touch of whimsy that brightens the day.

45: Metaphor for No Longer Relevant History Crossword

  1. No longer relevant history is a closed chapter: The book is finished, and a new story begins.
  2. No longer relevant history is a faded photograph: A glimpse into the past, losing significance over time.
  3. No longer relevant history is a retired actor: Once in the spotlight, now resting backstage.

46: Metaphor for Teaching

  1. Teaching is a guiding lighthouse: Illuminating the path to knowledge.
  2. Teaching is a garden of wisdom: Cultivating young minds to bloom with understanding.
  3. Teaching is a collaborative dance: A partnership between the instructor and the learner.

47: Metaphor for Smile

  1. A smile is a sunshine beam: Radiating warmth and happiness.
  2. A smile is a friendly hello: Inviting connection and positivity.
  3. A smile is a gentle hug: Expressing joy without words.

48: Metaphor for Sun

  1. The sun is a golden spotlight: Illuminating the stage of the sky.
  2. The sun is a cozy fireplace: Spreading warmth to every corner of the world.
  3. The sun is a painter’s brush: Stroking the sky with vibrant hues.

49: Metaphor for Moon

  • The moon is a silent guardian: Watching over the world with its gentle glow.
  • The moon is a nightlight in the sky: Casting a soft, reassuring glow in the darkness.
  • The moon is a pearl in the velvet sky: A precious jewel among the stars.

50: Metaphor for Confidentiality Crossword

  • Confidentiality is a sealed letter: Keeping secrets safe, locked away from prying eyes.
  • Confidentiality is a whispered promise: A commitment to trust and discretion.
  • Confidentiality is a hidden treasure chest: Safeguarding valuable information with utmost care.

51: Metaphor for Culture

  • Culture is a vibrant mosaic: Each piece contributing to the rich diversity of humanity.
  • Culture is a garden of traditions: Growing and flourishing with the roots of heritage.
  • Culture is a colorful dance: Each movement representing the unique rhythm of a community.

52: Metaphor for Fast

  • A cheetah chasing its prey: This evokes the primal drive and relentless focus of speedy pursuit.
  • A fire-engine siren piercing the night: This emphasizes the urgency and warning associated with the speed.
  • A falling meteor hurtling towards Earth: This highlights the unstoppable and potentially destructive nature

53: Metaphor for winter

  1. A world hushed under a blanket of snow: This image evokes peace and stillness, with the snow muffling all sound.
  2. Nature’s breath held in frost: This metaphor suggests a pause in the natural cycle, a moment of quiet beauty.
  3. A crystal palace sculpted by the wind: This highlights the delicate beauty and pristine silence of a winter landscape.

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