10 Daily Life Examples of Vertical Angles

Some real-life examples of vertical angles are the corners of a picture frame, the angles formed by intersecting streets forming an X-shape, the angles in legs of a chair, and the angles where the blades of scissors intersect at pivot point.

In all of these examples, the vertical angles are equal in measure and opposite each other at the point where the lines intersect.

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Examples of Vertical Angles

Here are 10 real-life examples of vertical angle:

1: Legs of Table

The legs of a table form vertical angles where they connect. For example, if you look at the point where two table legs meet, the angles between the legs are vertical angles.

2: Hands of Clock

The hour and minute hands on an analog clock form vertical angles as they rotate around the clock. For example, if the hour hand points to the 3 and the minute hand points to the 6, the angles between the hands are vertical angles.

3: Intersecting Streets

Two streets that cross each other form vertical angles at the intersection. For example, two perpendicular streets would have four 90 degree angles at the corner which are vertical angles.

4: Diagonals of Square

The diagonals of a square intersect at the center to form four vertical angles. All four angles where the diagonals cross have the same value.

5: Folding Piece of Paper

When you fold a piece of paper, the creases form vertical angles. The angles between the folds and the paper are equal at the point they intersect.

6: Leaning Tower of Pisa

The famous leaning tower of Pisa forms vertical angles between its leaning side and the ground. So if you know the angle between the tower and ground on one side, you automatically know it on the other side because they are vertical.

7: Crossing Tree Branches

When tree branches grow across each other, they often form vertical angles where they intersect. The angles between the branches will be equal.

8: Four Corners of Picture Frame

A rectangular picture frame forms 4 vertical angles where the corners of the frame meet. For example, the top and bottom corners have equal angles between them from the vertical sides.

9: Scissors Blades

As scissors open and close, the sharp blades form vertical angles between them. So when the scissors are halfway open, the angles between the blades on each side are equal.

10: Goal Posts on Sports Field

The two vertical goal posts and the field or crossbar form vertical angles where they meet. So if you know the angle between the crossbar and one upright, you automatically know the angle between the crossbar and other upright due to them being vertical.

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