12 Real Life Examples Of Linear Equations

Examples of linear equations are abundant in real life situations. We can observe them frequently in various contexts including business, sports, cooking, construction and more. The key defining characteristic of a linear equation is that it describes a straight line relationship between variables.

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Examples Of Linear Equations

Here are examples of linear equations:

1: Slope of a Line

The most basic linear equation is that which describes a straight line, typically written as y = mx + b. Here m represents the slope of the line, which quantifies its steepness. The variables x and y have a linear relationship along the line.

2: Rate of Change

Looking at how a quantity changes over time often yields a linear equation. For example, velocity which measures displacement over time, and marginal profit which considers profit made per additional unit sold exhibit linear rate of change.

3: Systems of Linear Equations

Multiple linear equations with several variables can be solved simultaneously resulting in a single solution point that fits all equations. This commonly occurs in optimization problems that require balancing multiple linear constraints or objectives.

4: Mixing Drinks

Mixing different juices or alcohol to create a final desired flavor or potency is an everyday example. If you mix 2 cups of apple juice and 3 cups of orange juice, the amount of each ingredient and total volume has a linear relationship.

5: Highway Speed

The distance traveled on a highway can be modeled by a linear equation if speed is constant. Distance = Rate x Time exemplifies the straight line relationship between the variables.

6: Cell Phone Plans

Some cell phone companies charge a monthly flat rate for unlimited minutes and texts plus an extra cost per GB of data. The total monthly cost forms a linear equation as number of GB goes up.

7: Cooking & Baking

Following or modifying a baking recipe requires linear scaling. If a recipe serves 4 people, you can linearly adjust ingredient quantities to serve 6 or 8 people instead through multiplication and addition.

8: Commissions & Tax

Sales commissions and taxes create linear relationships between amount sold and earnings. Total pay is the base salary + percentage commission times sales. Taxes show the same linear association between tax rates and amounts owed.

9: Tile Flooring

Figuring out how many tile squares it would take to cover a kitchen floor requires linear thinking. If each tile has dimensions 1 foot x 1 foot, the number of tiles equals the total area of the floor space.

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10: Plant Growth

Under ideal conditions, plants tend to grow at a linear rate over certain periods of time. The relationship between a plant’s height and time elapsed can be described by a linear equation.

11: Savings Accounts

The amount of money accrued in a basic savings account tends to increase linearly over time at a constant interest rate, rather than exponentially like stocks.

12: Painting a Room

To buy the correct amount of paint for a room, you need to account for the room’s linear dimensions and recommended paint coverage per gallon or liter. Total paint needed scales up linearly with room size.

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